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Thread: Is it feasible to raise this plumbing higher? Or should I bulkhead around it?

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    Default Is it feasible to raise this plumbing higher? Or should I bulkhead around it?

    I currently have a drop ceiling in most of my basement that is at 7' height. I want to get rid of that and go with an 8' drywall (or even high suspended) ceiling wherever possible, bulkheading around the HVAC supply/return channels. My question comes in regards to the current plumbing that is down there. At the lowest point, I would be stuck at 7' height on the ceiling to cover all this as it sits. Would it be feasible to raise it higher and tuck as much as possible between the floor joists, possibly doing just a small bulkhead against the wall or something?

    Something like this, I would not handle myself; I would have a pro come in and do it. Before I waste one's time coming, I'd like to know if it's even feasible, and if so, a rough estimate (I know it varies greatly, but a ballpark) of what I'd be looking at ($500? $2500?).

    Also, don't blame me for anything that is blatantly wrong or against code...I bought it this way.

    Along those same lines, if it's determined that it can't be raised, or it's not worth the cost, I may just build a closet/storage room below this area. Do a drop ceiling just in that small room so that the plumbing is still accessible should I ever need to get into it.

    Lastly, if anything is glaringly obvious/wrong/dangerous, feel free to point it out.

    Thank you!
    - Dave

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