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Thread: Grundfos JQ1 Pump Question

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    Default Grundfos JQ1 Pump Question

    Hi, I have a Grundfos JQ1 pump that according to the suppliers needs a new pressure switch (Transducer).
    The pump won't start and gives 6 flashes on the red led on the control panel. I have also been told that the switch is no longer available.
    Does anyone know of any old stock. Alternatively, can this pump be modified to run continuously and use and external sensor.
    I have a reasonable knowledge of electronics so any info such as a circuit diagram or service manual would be much appreciated.

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    Sorry but I cannot find any info on a JQ1. Apparently like all variable speed pumps it was designed to make the most money for the manufacturer, not to last.

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    I remember that pump has to be 15 years old. I used it on my cottage before I drilled a well. It was later replaced ** the JQ2&4 but those operated differently.
    12-16 years of service, time for a new one anyways.
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