Hi, I'm replacing the shower in my basement bathroom and am wondering how to run the new supply lines.

The existing supply lines are in the 'next joist bay' over from where they will need to be for the shower valve. They also are run direclty on top of the top plate of the wall...

Should I install a tee off the line going up and then put in two 90* elbows so it goes down through the top plate? Or maybe do the same thing but use PEX so I don't have to solder right on the plate itself? Or notch the top plate to make room? Or just shift the supply lines up a few inches to give me space to work?

Here's a picture of the area in question. Please excuse my horrible art/drawing skills....

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And here's a shot showing the existing cold water line, the hot water line is similar, just not visible.

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Any/all ideas will be appreciated!