My remodel forces the tub (can use 60-66) under a window, with one end to vanity cabinets and other to wall for plumbing access. My perfect solution is a acrylic with nailing flanges for plumbing end and window side with other side and end supported as in a standalone style. I don't want a wall on the end by cabinets as don't have space and also it would be proud of the cabinets by a minimum of 9" or so ...

I can use a full standalone, but concerned about dripping behind the edges under windows and faucet.

If I have to use standalone:
1. Who makes one that has a crisp edge and drop on the lip so water runs back towards tub?
2. Should I flush the edge under windows to the studs and cement board and tile over the edge as in a nailing flange install, or, install cement board and then tile over edge, or, simply tile walls and floor and slide it in with some form of caulking between tub and walls?

I don't have enough width to allow use of anything that nets more than 30-32", drop in simply won't work ...

Other options I'm missing?