Recently I removed and reinstalled two toilets for my sister in her condo so that flooring could be laid. I found that her condo of eleven years was plumbed with cpvc and had the push pull Accor stops with the supply line permanently attached. One supply line now has a leak where it is connected to the valve, what a fine piece of junk these appear to be. I have searched the site and seen that these have a known problem with this issue. In doing some further investigation I have found that I have three family members living in residences built in the last 12 years that have cpvc and these things installed in them. Can anyone give me a good solid recommendation on a quality brand specific replacement valve that I can replace these with. I understand that these can be a real PIA to get off of the pipe without damaging it so I will have my hacksaw and die grinder with cutoff blade handy when I start this. I have 45 of these to do in all so I want to only do it once. Thanks for the help.