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ok where do i start
normally i would call my plumber,however i live in one of the hardest hit area's that sandy destroyed and the plumber i use, is too busy to deal with this.and for that matter ,you just cant get a plumber right now. so.....................i would like to repair this valve........a little history first.
1) for years now, we have been getting hot water out of the cold faucets for about 30 seconds (the house has 2.5 baths and 1 kitchen)
2) the mixer valve displayed does not work consistantly, you must constantly move the handle around to get a comfortable water temperature
3) the toilet bowl always has hot water in it,and runs constantly (not full blast) but you can hear the water flowing slightly.
4)when i shut the hot water main off in the basement,( for this particular bathroom) cold water still comes out of the faucet ,(when i turn the hot knob on the sink or the adjoining tub we also have in this bathroom ,.............. i would think no water should come out if i shut the hot main off in the basement?

ive been laid off for a while now, and what i noticed hanging around the house, is the oil burner is constantly going,and oil is too darn expensive to be wasting, so heres my questions, do you think i will be able to repair this?( has to be 40years old i would say) and secondly ,those slotted head screw on the unit are not going to come out easy,any tips on how to get them out would be great. i'm thinking a torch ? well that's it for now thank's
tommy h