Converting an office space to a master bath and want to make sure I get my venting layout right before install and inspection. Room is pretty basic. Toilet and shower on one wall and a double vanity on the opposite wall. The house main drain stack is on the front of the house, about 25’ away from this bathroom which is on the back of the house. For the new bath I will run 3” drain pitched to main stack (horizontal branch or at least what I’m calling the horizontal branch). Toilet, shower with trap (2”), and vanity (1 Ĺ to 2) will be connected horizontal run via wyes. Question – where to vent and how many vents. The vanities will be vented via studor vents due to location on a limestone wall and distance from any other framed wall. I was thinking I could vent the toilet and shower together at location #1 via a 2” vent that ran through the wall and through the roof (shower would be wet vented, correct?). My question – can this be done or is it better to vent at location #2, downstream of both the toilet and shower. Alternatively, I could move the 3” drain north of the shower wall and vent the toilet and shower individually off their branch pipes (location #3 or #4). What’s the correct way and/or best and/or easiest way to do this while remaining in code and not causing any gurgling noises. Name:  plumbing.jpg
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