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Thread: Two year old GE hot water tank suddenly doesn't have enough hot water

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    Default Two year old GE hot water tank suddenly doesn't have enough hot water

    We purchased a GE (made by Rheem) 50 Gallon Gas tank (12 year warranty) from Home Depot about 2 years ago. It has been working fine but last weekend I ran out of hot water in the shower after my wife's shower. Last night my son had a medium length shower and I went to draw a bath for my daughter and the water was cold 1/2 way through. No other appliances had been running recently either time.

    I flushed the tank last night. My wife said she ran out of water by the end of her shower this morning after me.

    I'm suspecting maybe the dip tube? Why would it crack or break on such a young hot water tank?

    The flame looks fine, mostly blue. Temp setting hasn't changed. No sediment was found during flush. I checked the water meter and there doesn't appear to be any leaks.
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