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Thread: A close look at the Mansfield Cascade rimless toilet -PICS-

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    Default A close look at the Mansfield Cascade rimless toilet -PICS-

    I just bought this toilet and I thought people here might be interested in seeing it, as it’s a unique design.


    My girlfriend and I just bought our first house, and replacing both toilets was one of the first tasks. I went with a Toto Drake II for the upstairs bathroom, but I wanted something cheaper for the terrible bathroom in our unfinished basement. A full revamp of this bathroom is one of our future projects, but for now I just wanted a new toilet in there.

    I also needed a toilet that would fit in the space. It’s a 12” rough, but the foundation juts out several inches at the bottom of the wall. This means many toilets, like my Drake II, wouldn’t fit.

    The Mansfield Cascade is a model I’d researched a little, and the spec sheet showed it would fit. The MSRP is $186. I paid $122 from a local plumbing supply house. This is the elongated bowl, ADA height version.

    Here are a few of the specs:
    - 1.28 gpf
    - Bowl 4817, tank 3816
    - made in Colombia
    - 3” flush valve
    - 2” trapway
    - 800g map rating

    Link to the Cascade on the Mansfield website:

    Here’s what I started with. This is an ancient Douglas Leader that was cracked and overall in terrible shape. It still worked, though.
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