I have a Filox iron filter with a Fleck 7000SXT followed by a 200 gallon tank radon aerator with its own repressurization pump. Aerator follows iron filter (and backwashable sediment filter) to avoid fouling. However, during Iron filter backwash, it would be nice to have the aerator tank's additional flow of oxygenated water through the iron filter.

Top of the Fleck control has a large 1" connector over inlet side which is used for exiting backwash water. With an attached 1" drain line, backwash flow drops pressure to zero so there is no new flow to aerator tank during backwash. I notice on the output side of the 7000SXT control head , there is a cover for what looks like another access port on top of the filter. Would attaching a line from the aerator output to this port cause aerator water to enter the filter during backwash? If not, is there another port that could be used? I, obviously, do not want constant flow in this route but want flow from this independently pressurized line to enter the filter to supplement during backwash.