I just recently installed a new 117,000 btu output utica boiler that had a tankless coil. I went with the unit that had the tank less coil because my boiler broke on a 0 degree day and that was all my supplier had in stock that was the correct size. so now i have the boiler installed i have been listening to how often it runs and it seems to run for three minutes every 20 minutes with the high limit set at 180 and low limit set at 120 with the diff at 25. my boiler has a max g.p.h. of 1.00. i ran some quick numbers and came up with 3.6 gallons of fuel oil a day. At 3.60 a gallon i come up with 12.96 a day. I don't know if my math is wrong but that is incredibly expensive if i'm right. i had electric hot water before and my total electric bill was around 110 dollars a month. My electric hot water tank is shut off but still hooked up. It would just be a matter of disabling the low limit on aquastat and closing the valve going into the coil to switch back to electric hot water. i was just looking for some advice on what would be a cheaper way to make hot water. I was also wondering if adding an indirect would be even cheaper than electric. I live in upstate ny and generally have the heat on 7 months out of the year. thanks for your help