I am replacing a jet pump with a submersible pump (1.2 hp, 2-wire, 10 GPM) in a lake application. In the process I am moving the hot water tank (from outside to inside - don't ask!). My question is with respect to the placement of the pressure tank, pressure switch, relief valve, pressure gauge, hot water tank as well as what's advisable in terms of bends in the piping. I'm planning on using 1" piping.

Every diagram I have seen, including the one that comes with the pump, shows all of the above pieces placed horizontal. However, I'm short on space and I would like to have it vertical. Since this needs to drain by gravity as well for the winter, I think being vertical is that much better.

1. Does the attached diagram look like it would work well?
2. Is there an issue with putting the pressure switch on the piping that goes from the main vertical pipName:  2013-01-06 10.50.58.jpg
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Size:  24.6 KBe to the horizontal one that goes to the pressure tank?
3. Is the 90 degree bend in the pipe (horizontal to vertical piping at the bottom the the picture) ok? Will it cause issues?
3. What is the recommended kind of piping (PVC, copper, pex, brass, ?). I'm leaning to brass but I don't have a reason in mind. I'm reading that using two wrenches for a snug and grunt fit is all I would need for brass, no soldering. I'd use pex for all piping into the dwelling, and poly to the submersible pump.

Thank you in advance!