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Thread: toilet flange too low

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    Quote Originally Posted by corney View Post
    Are the"RINGS" mentioned in some of the replies sufficient to correct a deficit of 2" or more OR, are there other devices that will correct my situation. Many thanks for your kind patience in reading this long missive......Corney
    Corney, if I were you, I'd use this product: http://set-rite.com/

    As for myself, I'll probably going to go through concrete floor, cut flange, extend the pipe, and once heated floor is installed, and tiles are in, only then I'll install flange. Or install flange just before tiles. I still have time to figure this one out.

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    Why not try the set-rite kit.It seems an easy fix for flanges that are too low.You can go to
    YouTube and see their video and see if it will fix your problem.

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