Hello, getting ready to install a toilet in my basement. House is only 4 years old and I placed drains in floor when building but now we have decided to move location of the toilet in the basement. Luckily it will still be directly above the 3" PVC under the slab and there is a properly installed 2" vent that goes to the roof within 3 feet of the new location. My question is what is the best way to connect to that existing 3" PVC? Dig a large hole and use slip fittings of some kind and a long-sweep 90-tee? Is there a saddle suitable for attaching a 3" to a 3" at a 45 degree angle? I will need to leave both ends of the exisiting 3" pipe open as there is a shower up-stream from the toilet. I will have enough height for a long sweep or two 45's.

Thanks for any suggestions.