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Thread: Drake I vs. Drake II

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    Default Drake I vs. Drake II

    I have done a Search, but still don't have the exact info I need !!

    We had the Drake I at our former house and were Very Happy, so I don't want to go "Down" in Flush Quality. I now need 3 New Toto Toilets and I am still trying to figure out which of these Drakes has the "Best Flush" and if I should now consider the Drake II?

    So if the Price on the Drake I was the SAME as the Drake II, and I didn't care about 1.6 GPF vs. 1.28 GPF, which will provide the Best Flush ?

    From the posts I read, I have concluded that there is NO "Noticeable" DIFFERENCE between the Drake I and Drake II and I just want to be sure this is True ?

    In most cases the Newer Model is "New & Improved" so is that the case with the Drake II ?

    Thanks & Happy New Year !!
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