We discovered a brick-lined well on the property of our 1860's farmhouse. The family who owned the property remembers there being a hand pump on top of it at one point many years back. I'm trying to decide what to do with it now. Here are the specifics; the well is 4' wide and 33' deep. Regardless of conditions, time of year, etc. there is always 3' to 4' of water sitting in it. It is cool, clear, clean, no ordor, etc. I tossed a trash pump down with a 2" fire hose connected to it and ran it for 15 minutes at about 10 gallons a minute before it started sucking air. After it rested for 10 minutes, I pumped another 60 gallons out of it before it got tired. With this being said; what can I use the well for ??? Will it produce enough water to water the lawns with ??? Would I be better off going back to an old style hand pump and use it for small watering tasks, etc. An 1860's map of the area shows springs surrounding the property. Any thoughts at all would be appreciated. Thank you !!!