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Thread: Problems with Wellmate SP-series pressure tanks?

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    Default Problems with Wellmate SP-series pressure tanks?


    In a different thread I posted a problem I had which was ultimately caused by failure of our pressure tank. We had a Pentair Wellmate SP-series tank which failed after 5.5 years, and only had a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. Just wondered if there were others who have any information on manufacturing defects in this product line and whether there was any compensation being offered for those whose tanks failed. It was a real surprise to me and I am accustomed to Pentair making a high quality product (we have their equipment for our pool).

    Please let me know via reply or private message.


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    I install Wellmate WM series and HP series tanks and have had 1 or 2 fail in the last 5 years...out of hundreds. I think they are great, however I have never installed one from the side port series. You mentioned the tank was waterlogged in the thread, and that it caused short cycling and was bringing up debris (actually it was surge developing the well). That tank has no bladder, it was waterlogged becasue some other part of the system failed. This system MUST have some device to add air to the tank, either a bleeder in the drop pipe or a micronizer before the tank. Either method can fail, and the air level needs to be periodically checked...... I wonder if it ran for a long time in a waterlogged state, with no cushion, that all the shock contributed to it's failure. The air also greatly helps remove sulphur smell, no air explains why you started smelling it again. You need to make sure that this replacement tank is being fed some air before it becomes waterlogged again.

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    The short cycling could have led to the tank's demise. Sounds like a failed bleeder or snifter valve. Maybe someone thought it was good idea to put a tire valve cap on the snifter.

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