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Thread: Venting Possibilities for basement toilet

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    Default Venting Possibilities for basement toilet

    I ain't no plumber. I have no intentions of playing the part. But i sure like to know what my possibilities are before I call one in and they tell me i'm dreaming. (or need to dig the whole basement up).

    Since I will be laying tiles in the laundryroom shortly; I have decided to investigate the possibilities of installing a toilet and laundry sink piping beforehand. This laundryroom is in the basement. There is a powder room (toilet & sink) on the first floor directly above. Its 3 inch soil pipe goes down the far wall, pick up the garage emergency drain (also 3 inch) and continues down into slab. under which it pulls a horizontal run, crossinfg exactly 4 feet in front of where my planned toilet would be. Since it is a laundryroomn already.... there is a 2 inch vent pipe (dry) very close to where the planned sink should be. In a spur of the moment decision I rented a jackhammer and opened a hole in slab to inspect and see if such plan was possible. If it is I will pull my permits and try to find a willing plumber. But since I seem to have hit a snag.... I need some advice.

    Problem 1: I found the 4inch Pvc horizontal pipe a lot higher than I expected. It was actually 1.5 inches bellow the ~5 inch cement slab.

    The new soil pipe would run 4 feet (so 1 inch drop) and since it is 3 inch pipe (I gain 1/2 inch) . Add the rise from new slab & tiles install and I should probably pull it off no?
    Big Problem 2: How would I vent such toilet? the soil pipe is to high for a vertical or non horizontal hookup and it runs in front of toilet.

    Can I use a wet vent from the laundry sink and drop it behind the toilet if I continue the 3 inch toilet pipe behind the toilet....or is this a No No (as i assume) . This wet vent will now have to run almost horizontal from the laundry sink to toilet (below toilets flood rim). but it's a wet vent so is that ok? the laundry sink vent could then rise to 6-7 ft height and then cross to adjacent wall to branch into existing 2 inch vent no?

    I included a drawing.
    or Should i just forget it and run the drain for laundry tub. Stick in macerating toilet?

    thanks for suggestions in advance

    PS the recessed cleanout is ~8 in down below the floor of the other room and i assume it is the final exit towards the street.
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