Hi Guys,

I have two questions which are somewhat related. I just purchased an older home.

Background info:
There is an open sewer line in my basement. It has the toilet flange on top and sits right where the main sewer line exits the house against the basement wall. It stinks up the whole house. There are also two other open drains in the basement. One is for a makeshift shower that the previous tenant rigged up which appears to function fine (I would be happy to cap this thing as it will have no use to me and is walled off from the main floor). Another is in a different section and appears clogged and has standing water in it (should I just cap it?). How to cap it?

My problem is that I want to move the laundry area which requires me to extend a washing machine drain line about 20ft and empty into the toilet flange open sewer pipe. Previously they must have just dangled the washer drain into the flange. It would be very difficult, for me, to tie into an existing vent line at an appropriate spot using an appropriate method. Does it actually need vented since there is a pump and it is pumping into an empty main sewer line?

So what I will need to do is remove the flange. Then somehow (how?) extend the pipe up about 3ft to help prevent any sewage backup. Then run a washing machine drain line into the new 3ft vertical. Can this all be sealed? Would it be possible to have some sort of one way valve in it somewhere to prevent odors and backup?

Any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks so much. Please let me know if you want me to clarify any details.