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Thread: Flex time or dead time ????

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    Default Flex time or dead time ????

    I have what might or might not be an interesting question. I'm trying to find out what a professional plumber would refer to as "dead time or flex time" for his plumbers. I'm helping a businessman expand his business which can help fill in the dead time for their plumbers that plumbing businesses might have.

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I'm using the wrong keywords in google.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Where I worked, flex time meant that you could work longer on a particular day to take some extra time off by working a shorter day. To keep things in check, each two-week period had to work out so you'd worked 80-hours. This was to prevent you from accumulating a big quantity of hours off if you worked long hours for too long without taking time off. If you had a project that was expecting more than 40-hours/week on a long-term basis, then overtime was approved. This can get messy depending on the labor laws in your state as a week with more than 40-hours might require you to pay overtime, even if it would average out to 40hours over time where flex time might have made everyone happy.
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    "Dead time" is nonproductive time when there is nothing to do for some reason. Depending on his classification, he may, or may not, be paid for it. IF he does it is an "unreimbursed" company expense item.
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    What would you call the "jobs" that can be done anytime? So for example, this week you have 5 hours of dead time and fill it in with a jetting contract that could have been done anytime this month. What type of job is the contract that can be done anytime and thus fills in your potential dead time?

    Thanks for the replies above and I'm sorry for my tardy response/clarification. I didn't have the notification button checked.
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