Hi all,

I'm planning out a basement finish project where a sewage pit will be needed because the exising DWV system is above grade. In this basment finish, the only thing that will be going into the pit is the basement bathroom (seperate shower, seperate bath, lavatory, and toilet). Our house is on a septic, so there will be no backpressue on anything (just need to pump to the exiting sewage line). I know that the pump will need to be sized for head, distance, and volume.

But, what I'm not finding is when it is best to use one over the other. My family is made up of me, my wife, and to little girls. But, what I'm thinking is I can train my family not to put foreign objects in the toilet, but doubt I can their friends. So, this leads me to want to install a grinder. Your thoughts?

The only differences I can find between a grinder and a ejector pump are discharge line diameter, cost, and of course the grinding action.

Am I missing anything? Thanks in advance.