I am remodeling an upstairs jack 'n' jill bathroom. I am custom building a 36" floating vanity. The new vanity will be placed in the same place as the old one. The back of the vanity will mount against an outside wall and the left side of it will mount against an inside wall. The problem is currently the supply lines come up through the floor (I'm assuming to prevent freezing) and that will kind of ruin the look of the floating vanity.
What I would like to do is reroute these lines to enter the new vanity through the inside wall that the vanity will be attached to on the left. This would actually work well for positioning since I plan to mount an undermount round sink 3" off the left wall and 3" from the front edge to maximize limited counter space to right side. I plan to mount the faucet at the 10:30 position to the sink which would be right above where the supply lines would come into the vanity from the side wall.

Basically, is it OK to have the supply lines come into the side of the vanity?

If there are any other problems with this, please criticise (I'm married, I'm used to it).