Yesterday I stumbled upon a top 25 list from and was blown away that five of the top twenty five most bookmark guides where mine on the subject of shower construction. It appears that North American's are searching for information and many are looking for bathroom renovation advice.

Here is a look at the top twenty five most bookmarked Ideabooks on Houzz.

These Ideabooks share advice and pictures but not the meat and potatoes we dive into here on Terry's site. What is clear is that millions of viewers are researching and gaining inspiration from the internet. Gone are the days of pulling pages from magazines.

I'm hoping Terry can update his programming code here to allow these ideabooks to be embedded into these pages. It would be a great resource to pull graphics from anywhere and add pictures to posts.

That is my New Years wish for 2013.

Finger's crossed.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!


John Whipple
By Any Design Ltd.
North Vancouver