I have been trying to set up my new unit and my theory is as follows:

Keep the set point as low as possible, intentionally 5 degrees lower than what I know it will need to be. Then use the boost temp. in increments of 5 deg. at an interval of 20 minutes. This way it will boost the additional 5 degrees back to what it would have been to begin with and if it doesn't need or use the boost then all the better. This was also my theory with the night set back feature, going down 10 degrees, knowing that the boost temp. will be used, and if it isn't then all the better. I want to set the low set point of the outdoor reset as low as possible and use the boost to fill in the gap between the low outdoor reset low set point and the normal set point. My questions are:

Would you suggest a different approach?

I tried setting the boost time to 20 seconds and the set point that is displayed in parentheses on the illuminated display is not changing. I am assuming that the feature is not working. Does anyone have experience with this? I did this because the thermostats were calling for heat for hours and the house would not heat up.

The manual states that when the outdoor temperature drops below the low temperature of the outdoor reset setting then the set point increases as the temperature continues to drop. Does anyone know the rate at which this happens?

Thanks in advance