Hello I saw your post on this forum. I was wondering if you could help me out with a few questions I have concerning WQA and its certifications. I am a P-1 licensed plumber in North Carolina. I have recently began installing residential water filtration equipment for a new company in Jacksonville, NC. Im interested in forwarding my knowledge and education in this feild. Would WQA be a good place for me to do this? Which certification should I start with? Is the Certified installer track good or should I go straight to CWS? What kind of business do you have or do you work for municipality water dept? How do WQA Certifications help your business? Again Im a small business owner just looking for wqays to set my business apart and gain the eduction and knowledge to do this. Thanks for your time. Does anyone have used WQA Study Litt. for sale. Particuarly CI Study Kit. Thx

Peter M. TenEyck
PMT Plumbing