The stand up shower, with 2 faucets, has a stem similar to or same as price pfister 910-0130.

I need to replace the stem washer on the end, perhaps the seat.

===> Do I need to remove the packing nut first with the deep socket that would fit it before
removing the stem itself ?

(I don't want to replace or repair the packing nut unless it really is a problem in itself)

It seems like the deep socket that will fit onto the stem part itself
looks like it won't get caught or interfered with by the packing nut
but not clear on that.

Pfister has said both that it needs to be removed and that it does not, at different times.

In various articles/videos I've seen sometimes it says to remove it, sometimes not.

I don't know if the reason for removing it might be to make sure the deep socket for the stem
itself does not get hung up by the packing nut or for some other reason ?

==> I'd rather not remove it if not needed since this will be first time am doing this.

Thanks - carlgeo