I'm finishing up an install of the vanity in the pic. The vanity cabinet and sink are fastened to the wall with lags in blocking and anchor bolts in plaster so it seems quite secure. I made sure the sink was level, but after the install I noticed that the floor isn't level, so the front of the vanity is 3/16" off the floor and the back sits on the floor. It's not enough to notice so I'm thinking of leaving it. I could take it off and scribe it, but its melamine and finished on the bottom, so ripping it and setting it on the floor seems like it would wick up lots of water and break apart.

I'm curious for feedback if leaving it is the way to go. Alternatively, I could run a bead of silicone under it. If I go this route, should it be clear or white?

Also, the sink top is rounded where it butts against the wall. Should that get a bead as well? White?

Thanks in advance...
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