After much research, I am going to buy a Toto toliet to replace our old toliet. I notice the difference between the Drake and the Ultramax is that one is a one piece design and one is a 2-piece design I don't really care whether it is a one piece or two piece design. I am trying to find out if these 2 toilets are the same "below the seat." In other words, is their flushing action, bowl wash, etc., the same between the Drake and Ultramax? Also, I cannot find where the outflow pipe (sorry don't know the terminology here) is glazed. I read somewhere that it being glazed, really helps with better flushing.

I recently stayed in a hotel where the toilet was a Kohler with jet flushing, and it was great. It had a compressed air tank within the toliet tank, and the flushing was wonderful. Since then, I have researched and it seems the Kohler's are not that great and a LOT of people are very happy with their Toto toilets. So, I am going with a Toto. Any other thoughts on the differences between the Toto Drake and Ultramax "below the seat" would be appreciated.