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Thread: Kohler Tresham K-3950 toilet, Reviews, Pictures and Comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjcandee View Post
    Well, Terry, it looks very nice and very solid.

    Just like my unuseable Portrait with the unconscionable Ingenium Flush did.

    So...pray tell...how does it flush with its 2" canister and its non-dual-siphon trapway?

    My own feeling is that Kohler makes some very beautiful china, but I have yet to encounter one that works as well as my Drake. And there is beauty in performance.

    (EDIT: Don't mean to sound crabby; actually, I am curious what you think of the flush. Just anytime someone uses "Kohler" and "Toilet" together in a sentence, it's like tossing raw meat in front of a starving wolf. I will never shake off that Portrait experience, and I frankly resent Kohler for making a corporate decision to sell that thing when all they had to do was use it to know that it was total garbage. Shame on them. Accordingly, I will never install a Kohler toilet again, even if they gave me one for free. Because they don't deserve my business, especially when there are vendors who never wreaked that kind of havoc on unsuspecting consumers.)

    I also think that the Traditional Look Soiree is much more aesthetically-pleasing.
    They actually do have 3" flush valves. 3 1/2", to be exact. And I actually hate Toto, Kohlers are better. Sorry this is such a late reply, but Kohler has better bowl wash sometimes. The Drake doesn't swirl at all, neither does the Class 5 but the Class 6 is much better. I guarantee my Kohler would do better in a bowl wash test than the Drake. Again, it is a Class 6 so the bowl wash is much better.

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