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Thread: My youngest son just updated the old wwwboard postings.

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    Default My youngest son just updated the old wwwboard postings.

    Quoted from Taylor Love‎

    46,770 pages converted to a new format using a program I wrote up in Java.


    <---- before

    <---- after
    It was originally hard coded with pure html and CGI. We updated it so it would all hook into a single php template with variables so that any change could be implemented across all pages in a matter of seconds. It also has ads on it, and now has links over to the current forum website. Before people would see the page and exit out because of how archaic it looked. Now, every page acts as a net - directing people towards the main DIY forums. I am very happy with the way this turned out.
    Taylor Love

    One thing I notice about the changes that Taylor made, was that the old board works pretty well on a smart phone too.
    The new forum you are reading this on, also has a smart phone format.

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    46,770 pages ago...
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