I would like to install a Carrier furnace: 59MN7A060V17-14.

The product brochure says ‘Fully Modulating Gas Valve — When paired with the Infinity control, this furnace improves comfort by adjusting heating output in 1% increments from 40% to 100% capacity to meet the heating needs of the home.’

'M' in the furnace model number stands for modulating but this 'When paired with the Infinity control' has me 'worried'. Why would they need to mention this. I would have thought it was a given (i.e. each 59MN7A comes with this controller that enables the 'modulating' for the furnace).

Is the furnace modulating only it is installed with this control?

The contractor told me the control would cost extra, the improvement in efficiency would be negligible and the furnace would be still modulating without the respective control.

I would like to confirm it.