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Thread: Wobbly leaky Toto toilet tank

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    Default Wobbly leaky Toto toilet tank

    After doing extensive research on this site, I had two Toto 2-piece Drake toilets installed to replace two one-piece toilets of unknown origin that clogged multiple times per week. The flush is wonderful BUT...The toilet tanks on both are leaking, and one is leaking from the base of the toilet as well. The toilet tanks are also wobbly, and the back of it measures 1-9/16" from the wall. My plumber says the rough-in is too big for the toilet. I'm no expert, but I measured from the drywall to the bolt on the base and came up with 12", and the Drake is supposed to have a 12" rough-in. So at this point I'm frustrated and confused. Does anyone have any advice for where to go from here?

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    First, 1-9/16" from the tank to the wall is fine. No idea why someone would tell you otherwise. Second, sounds to me like the tank either wasnt tightened enough, the tank to bowl gasket was improperly installed, or there's some debris between the gasket and the bowl. I've installed numerous Drakes without incident so I'm inclined to think its improper installation. Some tank wobble can be expected, but not to the point of leaking. Third, check to be absolutely sure the toilet is leaking at the base. Sometimes water leaking from the tank will run down the back of the bowl and can appear to be a leak at the base. Also check the supply tube to be sure its not the culprit. If in fact the toilet actually is leaking at the base it will need to be pulled and reset.

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    Default Tanks should move very little.

    Pull the rubber gasket onto the tank outlet.
    Set the tank evenly over the bowl.
    Use one hand to push the tank down, and the other to tighten.
    The tank should touch the bowl.
    It may move, but not much.

    We install hundreds every year.

    Instructions for installing
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    This is still a 12" rough in toilet. The manufacturers make the toilets universal these days. So a real 12" rough in will have a 1.5"-2" gap from the tank to the wall if the flange is a true 12" from the wall. We use a product to stabilize the toilet tank and by filling the wall gap. It's called a toilet tank stabilizer by tank truss.

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    The tank truss mentioned in the previous post is certainly interesting and you won't hurt anything by using them. However, a tank that is attached following the detailed instructions included with every two piece Toto will not wobble or need the extra stabilization. The key is to gradually snug the tank down alternating from bolt to bolt to bring the three points of contact together equally. Some find using a playing card or business card as a feeler gauge to be helpful. When the card begins to resist removal, that's enough. Just don't let one side get way ahead to the other. For those folks who like to lean back against the tank, the stabilizers may be a good addition, but for the rest of us, not really needed.


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