My washing machine currently drains into my utility sink. We find this very annoying because the utility sink clogs easily - a rag may fall down by accident, or lint may build up. We try to be very careful about it, but we still get water on the floor every now and then, and that has even caused damage.

We dont care about having the utility sink. it is just there to drain the washer, and it isn't even easily accessible for other things. We would love to have the washer plumbed so that it does not drain this way. our house was built in the '50s, and i have been able to gather that it is being drained this way because the pipes are not large enough to drain the washer.

What I am wondering is how big of a project it might be to change this. I fully expect to hire a plumber to do it, because i just don't trust myself to think of everything that needs to be done in a project like this, but I would like to know if this is a simple thing for a plumber to do or is it complicated, and if it tends to be expensive.

more information: the washer is in a closet on top of a finished floor in what used to be a garage with concrete under it. The drain pipe goes into the wall that is shared with the kitchen (and from there down to the crawl space). i didn't know if that would matter for access to the pipes.