Thank you again for your explanation but just got confuse as you said " The maximum refill rate of the 1600 series is 1 gpm, but you can use a .5, .25, or even a .125 DLFC button" do you mean BFLC button?
and I agree with you 2 gpm "can be somewhat violet" but this just solve my "boom" and perhaps I can increase Brine and water efficiency and need to change to 1650 to system assembly ( Including Injector ) not just brine the brine valve. Do I need to replace my DFLC button too? how to relate DFLC calculation if I replace 1650 Brine System Assembly?
I'm just wandering after I solve the noise and hammering problem I have to micro manage my cycle time to achieve high efficiency. at the end I might give up with this valve (meter+noise+inefficient).

Thank you very much.