I bought a water softener Fleck 2900 2" Commercial Water Softener, 80,000 Grains with 3200NXt timer and 2" Meter and was just installed in my house by my contractor as part of the contract. It come with 13" x 54" tank and 18"x40" brine tank.
The reason I choose this system was the supply water to my house is 2" pipe so my contractor asked me to purchase the same size system with supply pipe size from the city. ( I don't know this was the correct advice )
Now I have many problem to operate this system correctly .
Since the system come with 2" meter and the meter can't count accurately as we just open 1 or 2 faucets the meter won't count down. found out the meter accuracy is +/- 3gpm. I need to fully open 4 faucets for the meter to show the meter working.
And I will forget to use the meter to set up my system just realize the system I choose was wrong.
Now I have to setup base on estimate water usage per day for about 450 gallon and 11Gpg hardness from city and insignificant iron.
I have been reading through this forum and others and many of Gary Slusser's post. and I might know to set my system regeneration day base on the capacity and SFR .
the problem is I don't know how to setup the regeneration cycle time correctly.
Back wash time was set 10 minutes
Brine and slow rinse 1 hour
Rapid rinse 8 minutes
Brine refill 3 minutes
And this system is so noisy during the regeneration about 2 am and when it change the cycle it create hammering to my plumbing system I believe.
I try to cut the cycle time and safe salt if necessary and but don't have clue the correct cycle time base of my city water condition which is generally good/fair as drinking water.
thanking you in advance if someone in this forum can help.