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Thread: Pocket door hardware : What's hot and what's not - a look at some premium hardware...

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    Default Pocket door hardware : What's hot and what's not - a look at some premium hardware...

    We just came back from Whistler the other day from installing some door hardware on a pocket door we designed, built and installed. I'm not a huge fan of pocket doors in bathrooms but sometimes we have to face them. The worst is when the pocket door makes up part of the back wall of a shower or tub surround build. What's even worse is trying to find a decent lockset and pocket door hardware.

    I lucked out on this last job and it's because I thought outside of the box. Instead of me looking I asked my wife to look. She is really busy so she asked her "Mommy Friend" who works at Cantu and taadaa! I have some killer hardware.

    It was a eye opening experience trying to find something nice for this custom built Alder door and through out the build a lot of common problems came up that I thought I could share here on Terry's page.

    Here is a look at the door now.

    The rest of this Whistler Condo has Alder doors. Only the one exterior door is White and the sliding exterior doors are black. The condo has one panel Alder Shaker style doors everywhere else and we measured the rails and styles of this pocket door to match the existing. I suggested that we use a piece of 1/4" white laminated glass in lue of a Alder panel and I think the look is great. You can see the light washing through the glass in the picture above.

    This is a simple push lock set that we installed. If you push the latch at the top the bottom flicks out and prevents the door from opening. In an emergency a coat hanger or cooking skew (Bamboo) could be pushed through to unlock the door.

    We installed these thumb latches each side to open the door from either side.

    When the door is fully closed this latch pull is used to open the door.

    I would like to say this install went smoothly but that is not the case. It was a struggle from day one. Removing the original door was a bear and we needed to cut an access panel in the closet to get to the back side of the original door track. Once removed we installed a new double track and re-hung the old door until the new one could be made. The door was a 1 3/8" and we needed a smaller version for the new door since the original was rubbibng on something inside. I could not find a supplier to make me a custom 1 1/4" door so we made it ourselves.

    I'll upload some of the install process to show how this door and lockset went in.

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