Slowly bringing the home we bought up to code. I'm replacing the wh and installing a thermal expansion tank as per code. I've monitored the water pressure and seen, on average, 60psi. Unfortunately the tattle sometimes is seen at 160 psi. I have no prv and, as far as I can tell, am in an open system. When the water authority comes out to swap the meter I've been told the new one will include a check valve.

That said, and I'm absolutely terrified of a blown thermal tank (thanks for the horror flood stories) what can I do to minimize the risk. I truly doubt my water pressure is hitting 160psi as the tank isn't weeping. I do not have a continuous logger running.

The tank is 10 lf or 20 piped feet from the sump.

I have to install bvent as well, thus cutting down further any space around the heater.