This is in regard to the installation of a Fleck 7000SXT on a 12x52 tank whole house iron filter with Filox. The tank area is .78SF and I believe the recommended flowrate is 15GPM per SF, so I've set it up with a 1" backwash line and a Drain Line Flow Control button set at 12GPM with a daily backwash and rinse of 10min/10min. This house has a mild, but annoying iron problem of 1.5PPM. Since this is my first Filox installation and the media is very heavy I wanted to get the opinions of experts on whether this setup is correct to prevent fouling of the media down the road. Also, this house has a well with a 220VAC pump capable of high flow rate (greater that 20gpm), but like most wells around here it has a pressure tank. I know that when I install this system the flow rate will vary as the pressure in the tank cycles. Should I increase the backflow period to accommodate the presence of a pressure tank?