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Thread: Bell Gossett Red Circ Pump Flange Leak

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    Default Bell Gossett Red Circ Pump Flange Leak

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    Hi... I have an old Bell and Gossett red circulator pump for our baseboard heating system. Pump is old, but runs fine. As you can see, ump is vertically mounted.

    Despite having two plumbers change gaskets, the lower flange gasket still seeps and leaks. Last week, I paid $168 for a plumber to change both gaskets. The upper gasket is fine, but after a week, the lower gasket has developed seepage and small droplets of water are beginning to appear. I tighted the bolts as much as I could.

    Both gaskets are not BG OEM, I noticed on **** the BG pump comes with a heavier black gasket.

    This has been driving me crazy for a number of years, so I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this annoying problem.

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