I'm a homeowner trying to get a handle on my newly installed Utica SSC-100 modcon boiler. It cycles incessantly with short burn cycles.
I don't know how to post the diagram, but if anyone cares to look, my system is quite well represented in fig 5.5 on page 14 of the Utica IOM manual here: http://www.ecrinternational.com/secu...ument/2563.pdf.
Referring to fig 5.5, I tried closing the "heat exchanger ball valve", thus adding the entire volume of the CH loop to the heat exchanger loop, allowing for extended burns, in contrast to the constant heating and cooling of the small internal loop. In fact, in the system of fig 5.7A on the next page, the ball valve is shown to be shut, as noted.
My question is this: Can I simply leave the heat exchanger ball valve closed on my system and enjoy the benefits of longer burn cycles?

Thank you,

Todd in Maine