I am renovating an old Delta 'single lever waterfall faucet' 26964. I wanted to clean the lever part which had corrosion, and replace the sprayer. Now both parts have issues:

1. The base of the faucet lever assembly leaks when the faucet is in the fully open position. If I close it a little, about a centimeter, it stops leaking.
2. Water is not fully diverted to the sprayer. It's about 50/50 with the faucet now. Used to be that all the water would go to the sprayer when it was on.

The sprayer is not quick release but has a nut on it that threads onto the sink pipe. While I was turning it my wrench slipped and bumped one of the other copper tubes leading into to the faucet. I don't see any leaks but maybe that caused a problem? (at this point I stopped and decided to leave the sprayer alone for now)

For cleaning purposes, I also removed the faucet 'lever' handle -has a hex nut at the base of the handle that allows this- . This removes the lever from the 'ball joint' part. Scrubbed it with vinegar to get off mineral deposits, rinsed, and reassembled.

I'm not sure which problem (water diversion versus faucet leak) was caused by which action (bumping the pipe versus removing/cleaning the faucet handle).