Hi - great forum - hopefully I can get some help too...

I've had some water hammer issues for about a year now. I've tried many different things. I believe my issues are a function of a new water tank being installed in the neighborhood about the same time I started having issues. Shortly thereafter, I bought a water hammer arrestor and installed it in the bathroom where the toilet seems to cause the most banging of the pipes. This helped for a while (about 6 months), but the arrestor doesn't always stop the banging anymore, I am assuming the internal bladder is starting to weaken.

Today I checked the house pressure at the outdoor water lines and they read ~95psi. I'm thinking this is too high from what I researched, and could be what is causing my water hammer issues, so I think I may need a pressure regulator on the water main coming into the house. Does this seam like a reasonable conclusion? Any other ideas?

Also, I've been looking at these and trying to figure out which one I need for a house with 3 baths, kitchen, and laundry room - I can't tell much a difference except for how they look. http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/cata...=5yc1vZ4n3Z57z

Finally, I have a pressure regulator in the basement keeping things to 55psi in the kitchen and laundry... should I remove it and install it on the water main - saving me some money... or just put one of those shark bite regulators on the water main, just inside the house, set it for 60 to 65 psi, and be done with it? Can I do that, or will I have other problems?

Why didn't 'they' just put the regulator on the water main the first time? - The main is only 3 feet away from where they did install it. Doh! oh well.

Thanks for anyone willing to help.