I need some help wiring my humidistat to the dehumidifier.

I'm using the H46C from Honeywell, and I have a Santa Fe Impact dehumidifier. The humidistat is in the basement finished room and the dehumidifier is in an adjacent unfinished portion of the basement. It is ducted to the the finished room.

I have wired it as noted in the Honeywell diagram connecting to the dehumidifier, yet the compressor never actually kicks on, no matter WHAT RH% level I choose. The fan 'always on' button will start the fan. I feel like the diagram is incorrect, or I'm getting my wires crossed (too much pun for Saturday night?).

here is the thermostat wiring diagram: http://cache.air-n-water.com/manuals...l-h46e1013.pdf

here is the wiring diagram for the dehumidifier (page 7 is wiring diagram): http://www.sylvane.com/images/prodph...ier-manual.pdf

Any help would be appreciated, I'd like the entertainment room to be somewhat DRY for the game tomorrow!