I have a 4x8 work table that's used for all sorts of activities. The ceiling is not too far above it; the joist bottoms are 4'10" but hanging a light puts the bottom of the fixture more like 4' 4" above the table.

I get glare when placing coated paper (magazines, etc) on the table.

I've got 4' fluorescent fixtures with a white plastic diffuser. Tried hanging them down the center of the table, and just now moved them so one is along each edge. Still get glare. The location where the glare reflects from changes when I move my body; it seems to be a certain angle of reflection. If I tilt the object a little to reduce make the angle from table to my eyes closer to 90 degrees the glare goes away.

Aside from wearing polarized sunglasses, what can be done to locate the fixtures to get rid of glare?

Is there some specialized diffuser that I could get?