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Thread: Curbless Shower

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    Seems like all the drains have some type of drawback or negative comments from people online.

    Proline - floor cutting and potential to weaken floor / deflection problems may occur

    Kerdi - many are not so sure of the foam pad that they use, 1" high

    ACO - some have said that it has little flow in the channel an can begin to stink,some don't like the flange version.

    Noble - internal of drain has too many nooks and crannies that can catch lots of junk and not all that easy to remove drain lid, Also is 1.5" high.

    So I think you have to just find one that works for you and then try to work around this deficiences. Don't you think?

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    Ok, so sounds like cleaning is not a problem really with any of them and they all need it. I will think about adding a nice trim on the tile at entrance to drain to protect grout below tile; at least the exposed grout will then be at the surface between the tile and the trim.

    Care to share your recommendations / suggestions for floor strengthening with the Proline drain?

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