I am looking at options for my ensuite bathroom in terms of a new shower. My wife would love a curbless shower. Anyone familiar with the plumbing code in Ontario (specifically Ottawa) that could help clarify what is code and what is not? Here are some items that I’ve narrowed down from research online and from discussion with reps at plumbing stores.

1. Slope of shower pan must be between ¼ to ½ inch per foot.
2. Flood test needs to be done to verify shower pan waterproof integrity.
3. There must be at least 2” of water hold above the top of the drain either via a shower curb through the slope of the shower pan.
4. The curb must be at least 2” and no more than 9” and be at least 1” above the adjacent shower floor
5. Showerheads cannot be aimed at the shower door. (Might just be common sense)

The only other question I have is:

If you have a curbless shower what defines the edge of the shower and thus the edge of the sloping floor?