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    Default Editing of posts

    I got a private message from a forum member suggesting that I was "unfairly" editing my own post, and editing the quote of it on his post.
    He felt I should have left my mistake there.
    Even though in hindsight, it should have been removed.
    Here was my response.

    I allow everybody to edit their own posts, and “anytime” someone asks me to go back and remove or edit, whether the post is fourteen years old or ten seconds old I do it for them. There are plenty of mistakes and things written in haste.
    Why have junk. That’s what editing is for.

    Since I am a plumber, and many of the “experts” are plumbers, I remove information about buying online, which does not support the people answering the questions. If you need a site to recommend the cheapest prices, then this isn’t for you.

    I’m in favor of supporting local business, and paying local sales taxes.
    I support the plumbers and electricians that are trying to survive in this economy. They provide advice and service, and deserve a living wage and should be compensated for their education.

    I’m in plenty of trouble right now with the trades, because they think , I’m “giving away the store”. I have many complaints from plumbers saying I’m giving away trade secrets, and they are right. I just want to see the work done right, whether it’s by a plumber or by a homeowner.

    I've spent hours every day helping people that I don’t know, and with no compensation. I answer phone calls from around the country, and so does my son. We will walk people through their problems and give advice, for free.

    Best regards,
    Terry Love

    What I forgot to say, is that often my editing includes spell check, correcting plumbing terms, adding photos, sometimes taking their photo and enhancing it. Adding links that make sense which adds value to the post. Sometimes I modify the title, which with this software, enables five links at the bottom of the page that may also have information that would be helpful. Frankly, "all" of this just adds value to the entire discussion. Some of my "edits" are going back on old posts and fixing dead links. On the Internet, things are constantly changing. It's not uncommon for a good link to point to a missing page in a few years.
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