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Thread: Newbie seeks advice on simple-looking leak

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    The reason for replacing the valve once it is removed, is that they have a "finite" lifespan, which means it will eventually have to be replaced and it would be easier to do it now than later. In addition, the leak could have been caused by the valve failing, not the nipple since it looks in good shape, so replacing the nipple, which SHOULD be done anyway, may not cure the problem. And, at my rates, the customer does not want to pay me for reinstalling the valve, then taking it apart and redoing it with a new valve. I would think that in the 5 days since you posted the question, you would have passed by "some kind" of store, (whether going to or from work), where you could buy the required nipple to try it with the old valve. It IS a simple leak, not just a "simple looking" one, which is why some are questioning why it has developed into a 2 page string.
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