Iím a builder in Alabama, my plumber of 15 years contacted ALS and was forced to close his business and cancel his insurance back in 2010. One of the last jobs he did for me was an upper scale house completed Jan 2009. Feb 2012 I received a call that the dishwasher supply line had flooded the house, a neighbor had shut off the supply line by the time I had arrived and I spent time looking over the damage and in the process we ended up in the basement where the homeowner showed me that both ( I normally install 2 water heater in large homes ) had also "leaked". I showed them the pop-off drains and they confirmed that was where it was coming from. I explained that these were set to "leak" at above 150 PSI and the problem was the regulator. This subdivision has very high street pressure sometimes seen in the neighborhood of 225PSI.

I called my present plumber - as luck would have it I got his VM - and asked him to give the homeowner a call. I explained to them how a regulator worked and like any mechanical device it could fail or apparently in this case get trash or stuck-open temporally as the pressure at the time seamed normal. When the plumber calls, have him replace the regulator and fix the dishwasher supply line.

I called the plumber the next day and even though the homeowner kept him on the phone for over a half hour they did not want him to come by. Long-story-short, their insurance people had gotten involved and apparently did not want me or my people. A few weeks later I started getting calls from my liability insurance carrier, I explained all that I saw and my assessment of the cause. What it has boiled down to is their insurance is saying "that no ferrule was used so the tubing ( plastic ) slipped of the cut-off to the dishwasher". I never saw whether there was a ferrule or not, so other than lie it is his word against the evidence of what I did see.

My question, is there any way a plastic supply line could hold together under normal 55-70 PSI pressure for 3 years without blowing off or even leaking? Iíve obviously ask this of my plumber but a totally unbiased consensus would be appreciated. Thanks in advance as my insurance has paid and I have a $2,500 deductible riding on it.