Gas is quite cheaper out here than electric.

We had the entire house installed with a Mitsubishi Mini Split around 2 years ago.
It also has *inverter * based heat.

I have a old boiler - probably close to 70+ years old....
Went to my neighbors and while she is a single, the plumber who installed her water tank looked like it was 35 Gallons.
Anyhow, her Boiler is literally 1/5 the size of out current one. Efficiency wise, I'm not sure how that stacks up..
I don't know how much more efficient it is, but I might as well start exploring it, as I feel like it's got only a couple legs left on this thing.

I'm not sure whether the cost to replace the boiler outweighs the costs if I just use the Minisplits exclusively.

Thoughts, suggestions